NSK deep groove ball bearings

NSK deep groove ball bearings

NSK single row deep groove ball bearings are classified into the types shown below.

The proper amount of good qualit grease is packed in shielded and sealed NSK ball bearings. A comparison of the features of each type is shown below.

Features of sealed NSK ball bearings
Type Shielded type
(ZZ type)
Non-contact rubber sealed type
(VV type)
Contact rubber sealed type
(DDU type)
Torque Low Low HIgher than ZZ, VV types due to contact seal
Speed capability Good Good Limited by contact seals
Grease sealing effectiveness Good Better than ZZ type A little better than VV type
Dust resistance Good Better than ZZ type (usable in moderately dusty environment) Best (usable even in very dusty environment)
Water resistance Not suitable Not suitable Good (usable even if fluid is splashed on NSK bearing)
Operating temperature (1) -10 to +110°C -10 to +110°C -10 to +100°C

Note (1) The above temperature range applies to standard NSK bearings. By using cold or heat resistant grease and changing the type of rubber, the operating temperature range can be extended. For such applications, please contact NSK.

structure of NSK deep groove ball bearings


For NSK deep groove ball bearings, pressed cages are usually used. For big NSK bearings, machined brass canges are used. (Please refer to table below)


Machined cages are also used for high speed applications.

Standard cages for NSK deep groove ball bearings
Series Pressed steel cages Machined brass cages
68 6800 - 6838 6840 - 68/800
69 6900 - 6936 6938 - 69/800
160 16001 - 16026 16028 - 16064
60 6000 - 6040 6044 - 60/670
62 6200 - 6240 6244 - 6272
63 6300 - 6332 6334 - 6356

NSK deep groove ball bearing nomenclature

NSK deep groove ball bearing nomenclature


please refer to: NSK bearing nomenclature.


1, Bearing type symbol


2, Dimension symbol

  • 2: 02 series
  • 3: 03 series
  • 9: 19 series
  • 0: 10 series


3, Bore number
Less than 03, Bearing bore 00: 10mm, 01: 12mm, 02: 15mm, 03: 17mm
Over 04, Bearing bore Bore number X 5 (mm)

4, Seals, Shields symbol

  • ZZ: Shield on both side
  • DDU: Contact rubber seal on both side
  • VV: Non-contact rubber sealed on both side


5, Internal clearance symbol

  • Omitted: CN clearance
  • C3: Clearance greater than CN
  • C4: Clearance greater than C3
  • CM: For electric motors. The CM clearance can be used in substitute of the CN clearance. (The opposite is not available.)


6, NSKHPSTM symbol

  • &: NSKHPSTM bearings


7, Grease symbol



NSKHPSTM deep groove ball bearings

Compared to the conventional bearing:

  • Improved reliability
    Bearing life has increased by a maximum of 2 times compared with that of conventional bearings by the optimization of the bearing's internal design and improvement of processing technology. As a result, the NSKHPSTM bearings contribute to reducing maintenance cost and facilitate the downscaling of related equipment.
  • New product line-up
    The standard dimensions are the same as for the standardsize bearings, NSK has expanded the line-up of NSKHPSTM bearings fousing on a wide range of sizes offering a high degree of versatility for various general-purpose applications.