SKF bearing cross reference, interchange

Coolen bearing made this SKF bearing cross reference chart to help you interchange other brand bearings with SKF bearings. These SKF bearing interchange charts only contain the basic types. And they can be considered interchangeable in most instances, but for special application, please contact Coolen. Coolen assumes no liability with respect to errors or omissions.

Please refer to SKF bearing designation
SKF bearing designation

SKF ball bearings interchange

SKF ball bearings

SKF deep groove ball bearings cross reference

SKF deep groove ball bearing interchange
Thin section 618xx 618xx 68xx 68xx 618xx
619xx 619xx 69xx 69xx 619xx
Standard 60xx 60xx 60xx 60xx 60xx
62xx 62xx 62xx 62xx 62xx
63xx 63xx 63xx 63xx 63xx
64xx 64xx 64xx 64xx 64xx
Narrow 16xxx 16xxx 16xxx 16xxx 16xxx
Extra small 6xx 6xx 6xx 6xx 6xx
Inch Rxx Rxx Rxx Rxx  
With filling slots


Interchange - Suffix
Contact seal, on one or both sides RS1, 2RS1 RSR, 2RSR DU, DDU LU, LLU RS, 2RS
Contact seal, on one or both sides RSH, 2RSH RSR, 2RSR DU, DDU LU, LLU RS, 2RS
Low-friction seal, on one or both sides RSL, 2RSL     LH, LLH  
Non-contact seal, on one or both sides RZ, 2RZ BRS, 2BRS V, VV LB, LLB RZ, 2RZ
Shield on one or both sides Z, 2Z Z, 2Z Z, ZZ Z, ZZ Z, ZZ
Snap ring groove N N N N N
Snap ring NR NR NR NR NR

SKF angular contact ball bearing interchange

SKF angular contact ball bearing cross reference
Description Interchange
Single row angular contact ball bearings Light 718xx 718xx - 78xx -
719xx 719xx 79xx 79xx 2MM9300WI
70xx 70xx 70xx 70xx 71xx
72xx 72xx 72xx 72xx 72xx
Medium 73xx 73xx 73xx 73xx 73xx
Heavy 74xx 74xx 74xx 74xx 74xx
Double row angular contact ball bearings Light 32xxA 32xx 52xx 52xx 52xx
Medium 33xxA 33xx 53xx 53xx 53xx
Part Number Suffix 40° contact angle B B B B WN
30° contact angle A   A A  
25° contact angle AC   A5    
Non-contact seal -2RZ 2RS   LLM  
Contact seal -2RS1 2RSR   LLD  
Shield on both sides -2Z 2Z   ZZ DD
ABEC 3 P6 P6 P6 P6 M*
ABEC 5 P5 P5 P5 P5 V*
ABEC 7 P4 P4 P4 P4 MM*
Preload Extra light G0 UO C2 GL UX
Preload Light GA UL L GN UL
Preload Medium GB UM M GM UM
Preload Heavy GC - H GH UH

SKF roller bearings cross reference

SKF roller bearings

SKF cylindrical roller bearing interchange

SKF cylindrical roller bearing interchange
Description Interchange
Cylindrical roller bearings have two integral flanges on the outer ring and no flanges on the inner ring NU NU NU NU, 000RU0
have two integral flanges on the inner ring and no flanges on the outer ring N N N N, 000RN0
have two integral flanges on the outer ring and one on the inner ring NJ NJ NJ NJ, 000RJ0
have two integral flanges on the outer ring and one integral flange and one non-integral flange NUP NUP NUP NUP
Inch bearings CRL
High-capacity NCF SL18   NCF
High-capacity NJG SL19    
Double row NNU NNU NNU  
Double row NN NN NN  
Double row NNUP      
Double row, full complement NNCL SL02    
Double row, full complement NNCF SL1850    
Double row, full complement NNC SL0148
Double row, full complement NNF SL0450    

SKF spherical roller bearings cross reference

SKF spherical roller bearing interchange
Description Interchange
Part Number Very light 239xx 239xx 239xx - 239xx
Light 230xx 230xx 230xx 230xx 230xx
240xx 240xx 240xx 240xx 240xx
Medium 231xx 231xx 231xx 231xx 231xx
241xx 241xx 241xx 241xx 241xx
Heavy 222xx 222xx 222xx 222xx 222xx
232xx 232xx 232xx 232xx 232xx
Extra heavy 213xx 213xx 213xx 213xx 213xx
223xx 223xx 223xx 223xx 223xx
Part Number Suffix Retaining flanges on the inner ring, guide ring centred on the inner ring, machined brass cage CA, CAC M CAM L1 YM
Flangeless inner ring, guide ring centred on the inner ring, two stamped steel cages CC(J), CJ   C, CD J CJ
Optimized internal design for increased load carrying capacity E E1 EA    
Tapered bore, taper 1:12 K K K K K
Tapered bore, taper 1:30 K30 K30 K30 K30 K
Annular groove and three lubrication holes in the outer ring W33 S E4 W33, D1 W33
Bearing for vibratory applications, surface-hardened stamped steel cages VA405 T41A C4U15-VS UAVS, EF800, EMADIVS W800C4
Same as VA405, but PTFE coated cylindrical inner ring bore VA406        

SKF Y-bearing and Y-bearing units interchange

housing bearing unit housing bearing unit
FYJ 5(00)
YAR 2-2F
F204D1 UC204D1 UCF204D1 FYJ 504 YAR 204-2F FYJ 20 TF
F204D1 UC204-012D1 UCF204-012D1 FYJ 504 YAR 204-012-2F FYJ 3/4 TF
F205D1 UC205D1 UCF205D1 FYJ 505 YAR 204-2F FYJ 25 TF
F205D1 UC205-100D1 UCF205-100D1 FYJ 505 YAR 205-100-2F FYJ 1. TF
F206D1 UC206D1 UCF206D1 FYJ 506 YAR 206-2F FYJ 30 TF
F207D1 UC207D1 UCF207D1 FYJ 507 YAR 207-2F FYJ 35 TF
F208D1 UC208D1 UCF208D1 FYJ 508 YAR 208-2F FYJ 40 TF
F208D1 UC208-108D1 UCF208-108D1 FYJ 508 YAR 208-108-2F FYJ 1.1/2 TF
F209D1 UC209D1 UCF209D1 FYJ 509 YAR 209-2F FYJ 45 TF
F209D1 UC209-112D1 UCF209-112D1 FYJ 509 YAR 209-112-2F FYJ 1.3/4 TF
F210D1 UC210D1 UCF210D1 FYJ 510 YAR 210-2F FYJ 50 TF
F211D1 UC211D1 UCF211D1 FYJ 511 YAR 211-2F FYJ 55 TF
F211D1 UC211-200D1 UCF211-200D1 FYJ 511 YAR 211-200-2F FYJ 2. TF
F212D1 UC212D1 UCF212D1 FYJ 512 YAR 212-2F FYJ 60 TF
F213D1 UC213D1 UCF213D1 FYJ 513 YAR 213-2F FYJ 65 TF
F213D1 UC213-208D1 UCF213-208D1 FYJ 513 YAR 213-208-2F FYJ 2.1/2 TF
F214D1 UC214D1 UCF214D1 FYJ 514 YAR 214-2F FYJ 70 TF
SYJ 5(00)
P204D1 UC204D1 UCP204D1 SYJ 504 YAR 204-2F SYJ 20 TF
P204D1 UC204-012D1 UCP204-012D1 SYJ 504 YAR 204-102-2F SYJ 3/4 TF
P205D1 UC205D1 UCP205D1 SYJ 505 YAR 205-2F SYJ 25 TF
P205D1 UC205-014D1 UCP205-014D1 SYJ 505 YAR 205-014-2F SYJ 7/8 TF
P205D1 UC205-100D1 UCP205-100D1 SYJ 505 YAR 205-100-2F SYJ 1. TF
P206D1 UC206D1 UCP206D1 SYJ 506 YAR 206-2F SYJ 30 TF
P206D1 UC206-102D1 UCP206-102D1 SYJ 506 YAR 206-102-2F SYJ 1.1/8 TF
P206D1 UC206-103D1 UCP206-103D1 SYJ 506 YAR 206-103-2F SYJ 1.3/16 TF
P207D1 UC207D1 UCP207D1 SYJ 507 YAR 207-2F SYJ 35 TF
P207D1 UC207-104D1 UCP207-104D1 SYJ 507 YAR 207-104-2F SYJ 1.1/4 TF
P208D1 UC208D1 UCP208D1 SYJ 508 YAR 208-2F SYJ 40 TF
P208D1 UC208-108D1 UCP208-108D1 SYJ 508 YAR 208-108-2F SYJ 1.1/2 TF
P209D1 UC209D1 UCP209D1 SYJ 509 YAR 209-2F SYJ 45 TF
P209D1 UC209-112D1 UCP209-112D1 SYJ 509 YAR 209-112-2F SYJ 1.3/4 TF
P210D1 UC210D1 UCP210D1 SYJ 510 YAR 210-2F SYJ 50 TF
P211D1 UC211D1 UCP211D1 SYJ 511 YAR 211-2F SYJ 55 TF
P211D1 UC211-200D1 UCP211-200D1 SYJ 511 YAR 211-200-2F SYJ 2. TF
P212D1 UC212D1 UCP212D1 SYJ 512 YAR 212-2F SYJ 60 TF
P212D1 UC212-204D1 UCP212-204D1 SYJ 512 YAR 212-204-2F SYJ 2.1/4 TF
P213D1 UC213D1 UCP213D1 SYJ 513 YAR 213-2F SYJ 65 TF
P213D1 UC213-208D1 UCP213-208D1 SYJ 513 YAR 213-208-2F SYJ 2.1/2 TF
P214D1 UC214D1 UCP214D1 SYJ 514 YAR 214-2F SYJ 70 TF
SYJ 5(00)
YSA 2-2F
P205D1 UK205D1 UKP205D1; H2305X SYJ 505 YSA 205-2FK SYJ 25 KF; H2305
P206D1 UK206D1 UKP206D1; H2306X SYJ 506 YSA 206-2FK SYJ 30 KF; H2306
P207D1 UK207D1 UKP207D1; H2307X SYJ 507 YSA 207-2FK SYJ 35 KF; H2307
P208D1 UK208D1 UKP208D1; H2308X SYJ 508 YSA 208-2FK SYJ 40 KF; H2308
P209D1 UK209D1 UKP209D1; H2309X SYJ 509 YSA 209-2FK SYJ 45 KF; H2309
P210D1 UK210D1 UKP210D1; H2310X SYJ 510 YSA 210-2FK SYJ 50 KF; H2310
P211D1 UK211D1 UKP211D1; H2311X SYJ 511 YSA 211-2FK SYJ 55 KF; H2311
P212D1 UK212D1 UKP212D1; H2312X SYJ 512 YSA 212-2FK SYJ 60 KF; H2312
P213D1 UK213D1 UKP213D1; H2313X SYJ 513 YSA 213-2FK SYJ 65 KF; H2313
FYJ 5(00)
F205D1 UK205D1 UKF205D1; H2305X FYJ 505 YSA 205-2FK FYJ 25 KF; H2305
F206D1 UK206D1 UKF206D1; H2306X FYJ 506 YSA 206-2FK FYJ 30 KF; H2306
F207D1 UK207D1 UKF207D1; H2307X FYJ 507 YSA 207-2FK FYJ 35 KF; H2307
F208D1 UK208D1 UKF208D1; H2308X FYJ 508 YSA 208-2FK FYJ 40 KF; H2308
F209D1 UK209D1 UKF209D1; H2309X FYJ 509 YSA 209-2FK FYJ 45 KF; H2309
F210D1 UK210D1 UKFP210D1; H2310X FYJ 510 YSA 210-2FK FYJ 50 KF; H2310
F211D1 UK211D1 UKF211D1; H2311X FYJ 511 YSA 211-2FK FYJ 55 KF; H2311
F212D1 UK212D1 UKF212D1; H2312X FYJ 512 YSA 212-2FK FYJ 60 KF; H2312
F213D1 UK213D1 UKF213D1; H2313X FYJ 513 YSA 213-2FK FYJ 65 KF; H2313
SYFJ 5(00)
YAR 2-2F
UP204D1 UC204D1 UCUP204D1 SYFJ 504 YAR 204-2F SYFJ 20 TF
UP205D1 UC205D1 UCUP205D1 SYFJ 505 YAR 205-2F SYFJ 25 TF
UP206D1 UC206D1 UCUP206D1 SYFJ 506 YAR 206-2F SYFJ 30 TF
UP207D1 UC207D1 UCUP207D1 SYFJ 507 YAR 207-2F SYFJ 35 TF
UP208D1 UC208D1 UCUP208D1 SYFJ 508 YAR 208-2F SYFJ 40 TF
UP209D1 UC209D1 UCUP209D1 SYFJ 509 YAR 209-2F SYFJ 45 TF
UP210D1 UC210D1 UCUP210D1 SYFJ 510 YAR 210-2F SYFJ 50 TF
FYTJ 5(00)
YAR 2-2F
FL204D1 UC204D1 UCFL204D1 FYTJ 504 YAR 204-2F FYTJ 20 TF
FL204D1 UC204-012D1 UCFL204-012D1 FYTJ 504 YAR 204-012-2F FYTJ 3/4 TF
FL205D1 UC205D1 UCFL205D1 FYTJ 505 YAR 205-2F FYTJ 25 TF
FL205D1 UC205-100D1 UCFL205-100D1 FYTJ 505 YAR 205-100-2F FYTJ 1. TF
FL206D1 UC206D1 UCFL206D1 FYTJ 506 YAR 206-2F FYTJ 30 TF
FL207D1 UC207D1 UCFL207D1 FYTJ 507 YAR 207-2F FYTJ 35 TF
FL207D1 UC207-104D1 UCFL207-104D1 FYTJ 507 YAR 207-104-2F FYTJ 1.1/4 TF
FL208D1 UC208D1 UCFL208D1 FYTJ 508 YAR 208-2F FYTJ 40 TF
FL208D1 UC208-108D1 UCFL208-108D1 FYTJ 508 YAR 208-108-2F FYTJ 1.1/2 TF
FL209D1 UC209D1 UCFL209D1 FYTJ 509 YAR 209-2F FYTJ 45 TF
FL209D1 UC209-112D1 UCFL209-112D1 FYTJ 509 YAR 209-112-2F FYTJ 1.3/4 TF
FL210D1 UC210D1 UCFL210D1 FYTJ 510 YAR 210-2F FYTJ 50 TF
TUJ 5(00)
YAR 2-2F
T204D1 UC204D1 UCT204D1 TUJ 504 YAR 204-2F TUJ 20 TF
T205D1 UC205D1 UCT205D1 TUJ 505 YAR 205-2F TUJ 25 TF
T206D1 UC206D1 UCT206D1 TUJ 506 YAR 206-2F TUJ 30 TF
T207D1 UC207D1 UCT207D1 TUJ 507 YAR 207-2F TUJ 35 TF
T208D1 UC208D1 UCT208D1 TUJ 508 YAR 208-2F TUJ 40 TF
T209D1 UC209D1 UCT209D1 TUJ 509 YAR 209-2F TUJ 45 TF
T210D1 UC210D1 UCT210D1 TUJ 510 YAR 210-2F TUJ 50 TF
T211D1 UC211D1 UCT211D1 TUJ 511 YAR 211-2F TUJ 55 TF
T212D1 UC212D1 UCT212D1 TUJ 512 YAR 212-2F TUJ 60 TF